Delusion: Members of World of Pleasure, Trench Form New Hardcore Band (Thankfully)

Delusion is a new hardcore outfit started by Colter, who has already done damage through his work in the bands World of Pleasure, Mortality Rate, and Serration.

Released last month, Delusion's four-track demo is a rush of barbaric-sounding hardcore stuffed to the gills with tasty metallic riffs and gruff vocals. "Basically, Colter had gotten sick with COVID and during his quarantine he had written a couple songs," vocalist Evan tells me about Delusion's start. "He approached me asking if I wanted to sing for the band.

"I hadn’t been in a band since 2015 but said yes, obviously. Next was Jay (Trench), he’s just a homie that played bass, and then Colby (Set Straight) and Nick followed to fill the guitar and drum roll. Long story short, COVID formed this band. Shout out to COVID," laughs the singer, who has also been a member of Badlands, War Nerve, and Raw Style.

Colter talks to me a bit about the Delusion style:

"For influences I kinda just used alternative World of Pleasure riffs and structures that I thought might not work well for that band. I think bands like Bad Seed, Merauder, Kickback, Reprisal, and Obituary play a big part in how I write music. I try not mimic any one band too closely and kinda do my own thing, for the most part."

As the conversation shifts back to Evan, he offers some insight into the community Delusion is part of. "When people think of Canadian hardcore music, they tend to look at the bigger cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, but I am a firm believer that Calgary is currently pumping out the best bands in the country. Mortality Rate, Serration, World of Pleasure, Trench, The Enforcers, Set Straight, Plead, End Game, Fuze, Mace, and Claymore are just some of the bands coming out of the Calgary area lately. I know I’m missing a few.

"Our scene is great. Calgary is a fairly isolated city in North America and we rarely see tour packages come through unless it’s a massive tour during the summer. So the Wild Rose Hardcore Festival in Calgary/Edmonton has really helped unify the hardcore scene in Western Canada over the last few years."

Evan is clearly psyched about the state of affairs up north: "There’s a ton of new faces in our scene right now and the younger new folks are super active and starting their own bands. I couldn’t be happier with Calgary’s scene. It rules."


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