Dispute: UK Metallic Hardcore Band Offer “No Peace” on Latest Offering

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Dispute is a metallic hardcore outfit that have been holding it down for UKHC for the past few years. "The band first formed in late November 2019 when I was getting together with Charlie (guitar) to record some riffs and see if we had anything to work with," vocalist Ray Mitchell told No Echo via emai. "Around 4/5 months later, COVID hit and the world shut down, and we decided to start a band properly after lockdown was over."

Ray and his Dispute bandmates aren't trying to reinvent the wheel here. "Our nfluences range from anywhere between Dolly Parton and Deicide, but I like to think our sound sits somewhere between hardcore and beatdown. Generally, we're a hardcore band with a few beatdown parts, although sometimes it's the other way around."

Based out of Ipswich, Dispute have dropped a steady stream of releases since forming, including last year's Volatile Reaction EP. Their latest offering comes in the form of a single called "No Peace," which they've also made a live performance-driven music video for:

"Following on from our last EP, our latest single, 'No Peace,' was again recorded at Buhimoth Studios and mixed/mastered at AiiZ," Ray wrote No Echo.

"The song itself is about not being able to find a moments rest in day to day life. External pressure can come from anywhere, whether that's home/work/social life. It's hard to find any form of peace sometimes."

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