Heavy Medical: Portland Duo Build Their Own Noisey Punk World on Vatican Two EP

Photo: Lucas Misclevitz

Heavy Medical has been doing their thing since forming just over a decade ago. Originally based out of Philadelphia, the band started out as a duo with a pair of Daves, one playing bass and the other handling drum duties.

Since then, Heavy Medical has added and subtracted members, toured a ton and saw bassist Dave Angiolini relocating to Portland, Oregon. One of his former "second" drummers in Heavy Medical, Curt Howard, ended up joining as his official bandmate.

From a stylistic standpoint, Heavy Medical, Angiolini tells No Echo: "It’s fast, noisy, and aggressive. We often get bucketed into the noise rock genre but the music is almost completely devoid of groove. We’re pretty much writing hardcore or punk songs while not wanting to use traditional song structures or clichés."

Earlier this month, Heavy Medical dropped a new EP via Recorded Psychic Readings called Vatican Two:

"I mostly write about personal gripes with my environment which eventually lead from the existential realm to a more sociopolitical arena," says Angiolini. "Most recently, I’ve been focusing on writing about the deconditioning process from years of Christian indoctrination I underwent while growing up."

Photo: Ashley LeFon 

Here's what Angiolini has to say about the state of the Portland punk scene: "Not bad, considering we’re in a pandemic. Generator shows have ticked up quite a bit. It’s been fun to play outside on the side of Mount Tabor in the Southeast here and I am looking forward to playing on the river in a few weeks. Indoor shows are happening more and more, too. Check out the Creative Music Guild’s performances which range from experimental electronic to free jazz to harsh noise.

"For heavy, check out Coffin Apartment and Spirit Possession. For noise check out Body Shame, Leather Jester, Billy & Avola. For punk stuff check out Rhododendron, Tongues, and Ssold (not a typo)."


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