The Thrill: Syracuse Hardcore Band Gets Our Attention with New Track

Photo: Spencer Chamberlain

Rochester’s Sore Ear Collective recently celebrated a milestone. They’ve clearly dismissed the “seven year itch” idiom and press on into the fresh decade on peak form. Their latest hails from the 315, a hardcore hub if ever there was one. 

Syracuse’s The Thrill are but the latest to bolster the city’s pedigree as punk pillars. The band’s debut EP is slated to drop on Halloween and, as you’re reading this, are hitting the road to decimate stages along the East Coast with their friends in Stand Alone. Salt City, stand up. 

“Wasting Time” leans on the pillars of hardcore that stand as strong today as they did circa ‘82. The Thrill’s firebrand take on hardcore essentially ditches all modern-day musical accoutrements and distills it into a rage-fueled rush.

I’m getting heavy Waste Management, Hard Stripes, and Unified Right vibes, but The Thrill is equally as likely to choke the life from you as the great Boston Strangler:

This is sans-qualifier hardcore punk, heavy on the latter. The band’s moniker, as expected, is apt. Rarely is the genre more exciting when it’s executed with this much nihilistic and reckless gusto. In the words of Sore Ear’s minimalist mission statement… “IF YOU’RE NOT IN, YOU’RE OUT.”

Get in and buckle the fuck up. 

The Thrill EP will be out on Halloween 2021 via Sore Ear Collective.

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