Vanishment, No More Torture (Dead Sage Records, 2023)

It is not often that I'll hear a new band sound retro or classic in its influences without feeling like I've heard it before.

Vanishment instantly flipped me on my ear from hearing their album opener, "Door to Deceit."

Hearing metal music played this way brings me back to riding in my uncle's truck when I was about five years old hearing the sounds of Metallica and Ozzy for the first time.

There's a bit of mystery mixed with nostalgia and then, particularly when vocalist Rob Ropkins begins to sing, it is clear that Vanishment is harnessing their influences together while establishing an altogether unique identity as a band. 

While there have been various bands in the last decade that touch on a more classic metal sound, Vanishment is a welcome breath of fresh air to me.

The dual guitar attack by Brian Johnson and Jeremy Mcallister instantly gets you hooked with every song bringing to mind some of my favorite moments of '90s-era Sepultura as well as Judas Priest and I wouldn't doubt some Slayer influence as well.

Being a drummer, I can't forget the rhythm section of bassist Nate Baker and drummer Chris Wozniak; as any metal fan knows, dueling guitars are nothing without a solid rhythm section behind them to drive the song forward as you headbang for the next three to five minutes almost non-stop. 

I can easily say that Vanishment's debut LP, 'No More Torture,' will be a welcome addition to the record collections of long-time metal fans and newer metal fans alike. There is a natural fit to the order of each song on the record that makes you want to listen from beginning to end.

Not unlike the fast pace of their music, Vanishment is actively playing out live regionally in the Northwest of the US and recently won in the first round of the Wacken Metal Battle USA in their hometown of Seattle.

Photo: Peter Line

Their next scheduled show is also in Seattle at the Sunset Tavern on the fifth of March, and they have the next round of the Wacken Metal Battle on the first of April at Dante's in Portland, Oregon. Also in April, on the seventh, Vanishment will be playing a record release show at Substation in Seattle. 

No More Torture is set for release on March third through Dead Sage Records

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