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Record Collector: Mark Ehrie, aka trublvr73

Based in Louisville, Kentucky—a city with a deep hardcore history—Mark Ehrie balancing being a husband, dad, music collector, skateboarder, and doughnut connoisseur. Now, Mark can also brag to his friends (not really) that he's part of No Echo's Record Collector club.

How long have you been collecting records?

On and off for about 30 years, since I was 13 or 14 years old. I am constantly adding to and editing my collection. I enjoy selling and trading records just as much as collecting these days. I see my collection as more of a rotating music library.  I actually grew up in Nashville, TN. Nashville had a pretty thriving punk scene back in the day and the local Tower Records store was where I picked up my first albums. 


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Where do you usually get your records these days?

I get a lot of records online (Discogs or eBay). However, I prefer digging through crates at real brick and mortar stores. I usually try to make it to at least one of my hometown record stores each week. Also anytime we are traveling I always try to find the local record stores to check out. 


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What is the most you've paid for a single record, how much was it, and how did you obatin it?

I pride myself on record collecting on a budget. I would rather wait until I find a good price than overpay for instant gratification. Sometimes it’s all about the thrill of the hunt. I honestly don’t think I have paid over $40 for a record. 


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What is your most cherished record in your collection?

I don’t really have a most prized record, but I have smaller collections within my collection that I would never get rid of. Like my 7 Seconds and JFA records or my Nemesis and Posh Boy collections. 


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What frustrates you about the current record collecting scene?

The only thing that really frustrates me about the current record collecting scene are the over inflated prices. Well, and stores or venders that do not practice good record storage (no sleeves, records in upside down…) make me crazy. 


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What are some records that you've had a tough time tracking down?

My want list is a mile long, but there are a few records that I would be willing to go over my usual spending for:

  • Underdog 7” (on New Beginning)
  • JFA, Blatant Localism 7” (original pressing)
  • Verbal Assault, Learn (on red vinyl)
  • Thrasher Skaterock Volume II and III

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