In Cold Blood: Metallic Hardcore Is Alive + Well in Cleveland via “In Time” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Ivy Novosel 

A product of the influential "Clevo" hardcore scene of the '90s, In Cold Blood last appeared on No Echo in late 2020 thanks to their single, “This Has to End."

The slow-burning yet brutal shot of metallic hardcore marked the debut of the group's current lineup of guitarists Blaze Tishko and Ryan Conway, bassist Shawn Hinkle, frontman Chops Torres, and drummer Connor Dunn.

Featuring current and former members of such bands as Integrity, Ringworm, and The Static Wake, the quintet is back with "In Time," an ugly bastard of a track. It opens with a mid-tempo crush of moshy riffs before being propeled forward by a double bass-driven tempo for the rest of the song.

Check out the exclusive stream of "In Time" below:

In Cold Blood vocalist Chops Torres said the following  about "In Time" and its lyrics:

"We all live with regret, things we wish we could go back and change, but would you really want to live your life again knowing the pain that’s coming?"

"In Time” will be released on July 23rd through Blood Blast Distribution and Upstate Records. The digital pre-load is live at this link.

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