Failed Earth: New Oakland Hardcore Outfit Emerges via 4-Song Demo

Photo: Kevin Burleigh

Featuring members of Great Walls and Obsolete Man, Failed Earth is a hardcore band making their No Echo debut today.

In terms of their influences, the gentlemen in Failed Earth say everything from power violence to the fat guitar riffs of stoner metal gets peppered into their sonic approach.

In addition to playing shows over the last few weeks, Failed Earth just dropped their four-song demo onto streaming outlets.

“Our lyrics are mostly about real life experiences I’ve had,” lead singer Joshua Carter tells No Echo, “seeing someone break into my neighbors house when I was a kid, listening to a guy talk about war crimes he committed.

"I don’t like preaching about shit but I think some factual realities of the world should be acknowledged.”

The cassette version of the Failed Earth demo is available for pre-order via Patient Zero Records.

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