Walking Bombs: Hudson Valley Musician Drops Melodic Punk Anthem via “I Will Miss You”

Walking Bombs is the brainchild of Kingston, NY-based musician Morgan Y. Evans. The project finds him exploring various styles of music, often alongside guest musicians, though he plays a host of instruments on the recording sessions.

Of Evans' growing Walking Bombs discography, his forthcoming Tears We Should Have Shed album is his catchiest material to date. Recorded throughout 2020, the record features contributions from Elizabeth “Le Fey” DaPena (Globelamp), David Bodie (ex-Time of Orchids, Divest, Kayo Dot), and David Brenner (Gridfailure), among other musicians.

Today, No Echo is pleased to present “I Will Miss You," a driving cut from Tears We Should Have Shed:

“With the health scares of 2020 in mind (including my own diabetic hospitalization), the premise of I Will Miss You' was what would ‘one last song’ sound like?," Morgan explained to No Echo via email.

"Say it all to a scene for better or worse, good and bad times. Make them keep going, carrying the punk torch. It's a love letter to my Kingston area since 1993 when I started coming up in bands. I grabbed a dream team of homies. 

"Dave Bodie is one of the best drummers in the world. We hadn’t worked much together since our old band Divest’s Ghost Town Reckoning album nearly 20 years ago that we did with Doc from Bad Brains and the Applehead Studio guys. I missed having his power playing underneath my vocals!"

Morgan continued: "While he mostly plays prog and cussed at us for making him play so fast again, I know my dude was stoked! Sean Paul Pillsworth was in Jerk Magnet, one of the fastest punk bands in our Hudson Valley late '90s scene who Matt Fox (Shai Hulud) released some music for back then.

"Sadly, Lionel from Hell's Teeth couldn't make it to the session, but it still rocks."

"This is the only song to have alternate single art on the record. A wall behind the BSP venue in Kingston was tagged 'I Will Miss You.' That venue closed due to Covid and vulture gentrification recently so I also added a resilient Phoenix flame (also an X-Men reference).” 

Tears We Should Have Shed digitally on April 23rd. Find the Bandcamp pre-order here.


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