American Television: DC Punks Have a “Nervous Breakdown” via Black Flag Cover (PREMIERE)

Photo: Craig Hall

American Television is a band that should have had a busy 2020 if it weren't for, well, you know what. The DC area-based melodic punk combo dropped their debut album, Watch it Burn, in the beginning of last year, but couldn't put in the road work to support its release.

But instead of waiting around, the group got busy in the studio for a new EP called Adolescence, which pays tribute to some of the iconic bands that helped inspire them along the way. “Engaging in the recording process independently was challenging with limited experience recording ourselves and no ability to support each other on takes," American Television guitarist/vocalist Steve Rovery says about the forthcoming all-covers set.

"Choosing songs that have been with us for most of our lives helped us channel our energy despite being solo, and the fact that they were still relevant 25 years later helped fuel the ferocity of the performance. The toughest challenge was when things that could be a 5-minute studio conversation could take 3 to 4 days of passing files in order to get things right."

American Television definitely got it right, and if you need proof of that, check out the music video they've made for their cover of Black Flag's feel-good classic, "Nervous Breakdown":

Featuring an homage to the eponymous 1981 Adolescents debut album, Adolescence will be out on May 7th via Wiretap Records. Pre-order the EP at this link (along with a limited 5 sticker pack inspired by the original artists). American Television will play Fest 19 this coming October.

Adolescence track listing:
1 · Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag cover)
2 · Officer (Operation Ivy cover)
3 · American Jesus (Bad Religion cover)
4 · Merchandise (Fugazi cover)
5 · Brain Stew / Jaded (Green Day cover)

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