Agnostic Front, United Blood (The Extended Sessions) (Bridge Nine Records, 2023)

This record smells like clove cigarettes, leather, and B.O.!

In other words, fucking perfect. Like I’m going to be blowing gobs of black snot out my nose for the next three days while my ears ring, or bleed.

United Blood (The Extended Sessions) sounds like you’re in the room with Agnostic Front while they’re playing a CBGB matinee and someone recorded it. Only you don’t have to contend with sweaty combat-booted dudes landing on your head.

Stigma’s guitar is even more out of tune than on 'Victim In Pain,' exactly as it should be. I love this record! 

Sure, it’s mastered a little hot and I know some people have said they think it sounds bad or something, but to me it sounds perfect. And yes, there are a couple dropouts in the sound here and there, what’re ya gonna do?

We’re talking about 40-year-old tapes here. 

Photo by Anthony Allen Begnal

This is/was an RSD release so I don’t know about it’s current availability but I’m sure you can grab one somewhere if you really want to, and I’m sure it’ll be re-released on a different color vinyl sooner or later. Just ask Bridge Nine!

I got the original United Blood 7-inch at a CBGB matinee. I subsequently spilled coffee on it from a cup someone had left in the pay phone across from the McDonald’s down the street from Bleeker Bob’s on 3rd Street. 

From Anthony Allen Begnal's collection

I was calling my mom at my uncle Allen’s place on 112th and Broadway to let her know we were still alive and on our way back up there (hey I was 14!).

From Anthony Allen Begnal's collection

I sold it in the ‘90s for rent money, so if anyone has an OG copy of United Blood with a coffee stain on the back (at least we hope it’s coffee!), it’s mine! 

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