Cross Control: LAHC Unit Returns with “Nothing’s Changed” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Veronika Reinert

Los Angeles-based hardcore band Cross Control have dropped a new single off their upcoming debut LP, exclusively premiering here on No Echo! 

Over the last few years of pandemic lockdown, the band has stayed busy tightening their sound and writing material for Try and Survive, due out in Spring 2023 on New Age Records. The LP is a further dive into their particularly unique brand of in-your-face style of hardcore:

Speaking of the single, Cross Control vocalist Vince Averill had this to say:

“A lot of times hardcore is best when it’s simple. ‘Nothing’s Changed’ is pretty cut and dry, but we often need a reminder of the most basic messages. This is one of those.”

Keep an eye open for the record as more details come to light about the release, and catch Cross Control at the upcoming New Age Records Showcase at Programme Skate and Sound on February, 11th:


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