Born Cursed: Massachusetts Hardcore Punk Outfit’s New EP Kicks Ass

Photo: Paul Klein

Born Cursed is a hardcore punk outfit working out of Amesbury, Massachusetts formed right before the pandemic hit us in early 2020.

"All of us outside of the band create art on different platforms," guitarist OJ Flynn tells me. "We are all creative in different ways that it made sense to form a band around something we all love which is art, hardcore music, and skateboarding.

"Whether you have a good life or bad life, everyone in a way is born cursed. There is so much stuff going on in the world right now it's hard to stay positive, we wanted to pick a name that stood for something and resonated with us personally and for what the current state the world is in."

Born Cursed recently dropped their self-titled debut EP, a 6-song ripper that follows the group's late 2021 demo release. Hearing OJ's list of inspirations, it's no surprise these guys sound how they sound: 

"Some of our influences are Black Flag, American Nightmare, Bad Brains, Bane, and anything late '90s and early '00s hardcore."

The chat with OJ moves to Born Cursed's local community, which is always an important point around these parts. "Since the pandemic there definitely has been a slight change in the scene it feels. Have yet to check it out but there is a new DIY venue in Holyoke, Massachusetts called Dracula. It looks pretty sick.

"Some bands in the area that we are into that you should check out are Restraining Order and Maniac."

The Born Cursed EP will also be available on cassette, and you can get in on that via this Bandcamp link.


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