Death Ridge Boys: Ex-Talk Is Poison, Pressing On Members Won’t Be “Fooled Again” (EXCLUSIVE)

Photo: Darren Plank

The brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Will Harris (Copout, Talk Is Poison, Pressing On), Death Ridge Boys formed in 2017, with a sonic foundation set in Oi! punk and a lyrical point of view informed by the struggles of the working class and the political nightmare we're currently living in the US. Also featuring musicians Erik Trexel (Pressing On, Raw Nerves), Andrew Compton (PMS 84, Petite), and Jonathan Hughes (Pressing On, Raw Nerves), the group dropped a fierce debut release with Right Side of History in 2017, and earlier this summer, they collaborated with Holland's Savage Beat on a split EP.

Their new release finds Death Ridge Boys going at it alone via Fooled Again, a 2-track EP being issued by Moo Cow Records, a label that also behind records by such bands as Disembodied, Overcast, and Fall Silent going back to the '90s. In this No Echo exclusive, we get to check out "Fooled Again," the new EP's title track:

"The song is a plea for people to see the wave of right-wing extremism and nationalism for what it is—fascism that we’ve seen before," says Will about the "Fooled Again" lyrics.

"We need a collective response against it or we’ll drown. We need to talk to our friends, engage with acquaintances, protest, rail against it with our art, whatever it takes to push back against the fascists and the hatred and racism they spew."

The Fooled Again 7" will be out Sept. 7 via Moo Cow Records and can be pre-ordered here. Follow Death Ridge Boys on Facebook and Bandcamp.


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