Run Into the Sun Proudly Waves Salt Lake City Hardcore Flag

"We all met growing up in Salt Lake Hardcore circa Y2K. We've played in a bunch of bands including Cherem, Aftermath of a Trainwreck, Reviver, Outlet, Cool Your Jets. Got back together because you can't take the hardcore out of the kid."

That's Dan Fletcher, vocalist of Run Into the Sun, a hardcore quartet from the Beehive State. The band first emerged in 2020 via their "Your Badge Is A Burning Cross" single, and last appeared on Bandcamp last year through their "Love / Pain" single.

No Echo briefly chatted with Dan in celebration of Run Into the Sun's latest release, a 2-tracker called "Cry / Blood." The singer spoke about their approach: "We try to push our sound in as many directions as possible. Each of our singles takes a little different approach. Some more traditional. Some heavier. Some more melodic.

"Our shared influences would be Inside Out, Snapcase, Refused, and Blacklisted."

"'Cry / Blood' takes two different looks at the predatory gentrification that's taking place in Salt Lake City right now," Dan told us. "'Cry' celebrates the communities of Salt Lake. The pride that we take in our city. 'Blood' asks the people who are responsible for pushing families out of their homes how they can live with the pain they are causing."

It looks like Run Into the Sun are gearing up for a good 2023. "We're heading back into Grotto Audio studio with Nic Kartchner to track a few more singles that'll come out before the Summer. Then we'll be dropping our first full-length when Fall rolls around. Planning a SoCal run in June. Look out."

Then we asked Dan for a tip on some of the other bands from the Salt Lake City hardcore scene that also deserve some attention. "SLCHC is goin buck right now. Snake Eyez. Absolved. Narc. Mandalore. Ribbons. Victim to None. Portraits. Snuff Tape. Spent. The list goes on and on. There are rad new bands are popping up every month.

"Find Ill Will Zine on all the channels to learn all about it."


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