Bad Brains: Watch Unearthed 1985 Live Performances from NYC Shows (EXCLUSIVE)

Bad Brains returned to the stage after having been "broken up" for the better part of 2 years to play two nights at the Jane Street Rock Hotel in New York City on July 19th and 20th 1985. Openers on the 19th were Raw Power and Scab, and the 20th had Cro-Mags and P.M.S. 

The shows were filmed with multiple cameras as directed by Nicola Lanzenberg; a Moroccan-born artist and filmmaker who had previously produced Bad Brains' My Picture at the Movies, Baby documentary in 1979. Nicola passed away in 2018.

This footage from the 1985 "reunion" shows sees the Brains performing their classic "Rock for Light," as well as "Reignition" (live for the first time). It has never been seen before, except for a brief clip appearing in James Lathos' H.R. documentary, Finding Joseph I

It was James who initially made contact with Nicola's sons David and Christophe Lanzenberg to have the footage see the light of day. They have since graciously agreed to let fans see this incredibly rare glimpse at Bad Brains just prior to the release of their I Against I album, which in fact they wrote during the rehearsals for these gigs.

Here is the unearthed footage exclusively premiering on No Echo:

Quote from David Lanzenberg:

"Nicola first 'stumbled' upon the Bad Brains in1979 while going to CBGB and not knowing who was playing that evening..She was amazed by the band and this form of “Black Punk” that no one had seen before. She went backstage after the show, met them, and knew she wanted to film them. They agreed and then…disappeared. Nicola would check the Village Voice every week looking for their next show. Eventually, 6 month later, they were announced at CBGB again.
She set up a quick production with two 16mm cameras and it turned into that film, 'My Picture at the Movies, Baby.'

"She developed a friendship with H.R. and the other band members, and in 1985, they were scheduled to play at what was called the Rock Hotel on Jane Street, also known as the Jane Hotel. It was then run by Arthur Weinstein, previously owner of The World in Alphabet City in the '80s. If I remember correctly, there was an issue with the audio recording of the shows, but she was able to edit these two songs together."

Bad Brains with Nicola Lanzenberg, manager Anthony Countey, and one of Nicola's sons.


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