Closedown: Cleveland Post-Hardcore Group Drops Debut EP

Photo: Jason Luchka

Starting out by playing their first show as a Smiths cover band, the members of Closedown — Ryan, Robert, Eddy and Nick — have developed a refined style of screamo and post- hardcore that encompasses all past generations of the genre. 

Featuring former and current members of Wolf Teeth and Atomic Witch, Closedown draws inspiration from the Cure, Portraits of Past, and Drive Like Jehu. The Cleveland band came together a little over 10 months ago and after playing ScreamOH Fest II last summer, shared the stage at two sold dates with Jerome’s Dream in Columbus and Cleveland earlier this year.. In addition, they released a cover of Funeral Diner’s “I Was the Sword” in March 2020.

Eddy (bass and vocals) helps run an all age/all-inclusive venue called Blank Slate Elyria, where the vocals to track 4 were recorded. The rest of the EP was recorded, mixed and mastered at Ryan’s (guitar and vocals) house. 

When asked about the new record, the band members offered, “The entire EP is essentially about confronting and attempting to let go of the pain we each carry in ourselves. 'Erase Me' is about the familial legacy of trauma and the burden of being born.

"Despite our music, we are not miserable people. It's really easy to get caught up in depressive imagery, angsty posturing, and a kind of sonic brinkmanship of like, who can sound the most fucked up. We are loving and optimistic people who needed a healthy way to experience catharsis, and we found it.

We hope other people searching for relief can empathize with our work and allow themselves to practice self-love”

Closedown’s debut effort comes across as all 5 stages of grieving in 16 minutes and 13 seconds of sound. The ambiance of the recording fits the music well and the truel of vocals add an undeniable sense of urgency, something like a house on fire.


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Coming in the wake of allegations of abuse by one of our hometown’s more prominent bands, Closedown’s Bask in the Dancing Light is the perfect soundtrack to extinguish our sadness and a nice reminder that there are still plenty of good people making good music in Cleveland. 
Bask in the Dancing Light was released June 5th with the help of Middle Man Records and Tiny God Inc. on cassette. All proceeds of the pre-order from the shirt and cassette were donated to BLM Cleveland. Bundles are still available and feature a shirt designed by Joey Goergen,

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