xREDLINEx: Hardcore Musicians Combine Forces on Forthcoming Debut EP

xREDLINEx is a hardcore project featuring musicians who have also played in such bands as Life Force, Zao, and Discourage.

"During COVID, all the bandmates were itching to put out some music but due to lockdowns we were hindered," guitarist Marko Karacic tells No Echo. "Thru the Coffee & Hardcore Podcast, members met and discussed ideas and began writing. The process took time because bandmates were from Chicago, Texas, California, and West Virginia (Zao). The guys were all great, energetic, and passionate thru the whole process and it resonates in the music."

We asked Marko how he would describe the xREDLINEx sound: "Our style is more of a throwback to old NYHC-style beats combined with Midwest melodies. It's influenced by old-school straight edge adding East Coast riffs. We are influenced by so many bands: Judge, Slapshot, Integrity, Face Value, Down to Nothing, Youth of Today, Bane, Rotting Out, and DRAIN."

After releasing a single called "11th Hour" back in 2022, xREDLINEx will be releasing their debut EP, Tongue Tied, next month:

"The lyrics hit home for alot of people, most about life's struggles, suicide, trust factors in people and the willingness to accept moving forward in the state we are in. Questioning all we know and all we have been told," Marko says about the 7 tracks on the EP.

"We will release Tongue Tied and are also booking shows for early spring. Meanwhile, we have currently written 3 new tracks we hope to record in spring as well. We would love to share our voice with the people all over through live shows and online discussions."


Tongue Tied will arrive on March 15th via Steadfast Records (pre-order).

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