Great Falls, Objects Without Pain (Neurot Recordings, 2023)

I don't know if I could have a more appropriate soundtrack as I write this review Great Falls latest record, Objects Without Pain.

The mental anguish I'm experiencing mixed with anxiety is only becoming more palpable as I listen to each song.

I'm grateful for the catharsis amidst the difficult the conditions of my week so far. I've been excited about this record for a while now. 

"Intensity" is the first word I use to describe Great Falls whenever I discuss their music or refer to seeing them live. I think the bass Shane was playing the night I saw them in 2019 nearly connected with my head three times while making photos during their set. It was my first time seeing them live and I was a fan almost instantly.

After learning I'd known bassist Shane Mehling from his writing for Decibel magazine and that I'd known of singer/guitarist Demian Johnston from projects varying from Sutekh Hexen to Kiss It Goodbye, I knew I needed to dive head first into their discography.

Objects Without Pain is the first record to feature drumming by Nickolis Parks, formerly of Gaytheist and Bastard Feast. The three musicians that come together as Great Falls offer up a cacophonous exorcism over eight songs.

Ranging from the more concise aggression of a song like "Trap Feeding" to a varied and plodding song like "Dragged Home Alive."

Even when listening with headphones, this record hits at full force from beginning to end. As I read along with lyrics while listening, I say again that I couldn't be more glad to write this review even if it feels like a sucker punch to my emotionally spent mind. 

Photo: Soren Hixenbaugh

The art/layout design for the record is done by Demian Johnston and will be released through Neurot Recordings on September 15th. The pre-order has been available for a few weeks now and there are great choices among the CD and 2LP packages including a bundle featuring an art booklet by Demian which exclusively includes a bonus track as well as a t-shirt and set of 5 patches.

Great Falls will be heading to the Northeast of the US in a few weeks for a 10-day tour and it's been a while since that has been possible, so make sure to not miss the chance of seeing them live. I know I'll be looking forward to hear these songs live in the future.

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