Brookehorse: UK Band Embraces Mid-‘00s Post-Hardcore Sound on Debut Release

With age, some aspects of life change and some don't, people generally become settled in the headspace and continue to move as a human after a certain amount of molding and shaping. But paying homage with your own creative spark involved to a movement and sonic space that truly played a huge part in you becoming the person you are, is a tribute to a species of music you feel you owe.

However, at the same time creating your own art with the intention of being the next generation of a sound to connect with people in the same way music connected with you is a perfect blend.

My Downfall Is My Own Design is the debut EP from Birmingham post-hardcore band Brookehorse and with it, the band has truly thrown everything they have into moving a piece of time into the modern-day and scene. “We have created a very honest and sincere take on a genre of music that inspired most of us to pick up our instruments in the first place” is the opening statement from the band. Collectively this band was enthralled and captivated by the mid-'00s era of the post-hardcore and have taken everything they loved about it and combined it with their own vision to create an EP that is bold, fierce, and engrossing.

“Our entire friendship spawned from finding bands like Glassjaw, Deftones, and Hell Is for Heroes when we were at school together. We have wanted to do a project like this since then really and finally pushed the childhood dream into reality." Further comments the band, continuing to highlight the fact that this EP is something that they artistically couldn't ignore. It comes from a place that needed to be explored by these four individuals working collectively together to craft this piece of work.

My Downfall Is My Own Design sees these 4 musicians working at a high standard with discipline and commitment which has resulted in this finalization that shows a true post-hardcore standpoint throughout. The band comment on the pure aspect of the writing session for the EP.

“The songwriting chemistry has been quite staggering to me honestly, certain songs from the EP such as 'How Long' got hashed together inside a single band practice. In an age where most songwriting is done on Logic and home studio software, it’s nice to be able to get a bunch of passionate musicians in a rehearsal space and jam things out the old fashioned way” adds the band.

Brookehorse opens up on the lyrical content within the record and what the true artistic goal was with the lyrics. This EP is full of groove and melody but the words that lie within are strong and purposeful all over. “Lyrically, this record represents the struggle a lot of us face just trying to cut our own path in an ever-changing world.

"It’s an ode to anyone tired of trying to find themselves whilst under the constant pressures of deeply flawed, regularly hypocritical social and political expectations." Connection is prominent in this record, within the musicianship lies sentences that will truly make an impact and the bands' desire to connect with an audience and replicate their own sensations will no doubt be achieved. 

For their final words, the band truly states what this EP is here to do and what My Downfall Is My Own Design means. “It’s a reflection and question to those ignorant enough to deem themselves and their needs above that of those they share the world with. It’s a message to those afraid to stand up for what they believe in, for fear of retribution. It’s a reminder that collectively, anything can be achieved.”

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