Line of Sight: DC Straight Edgers Hit Hard with “Show of Force” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Todd Pollock

Formed in 2015, Line of Sight is a DC-based hardcore band that features musicians you might know from Mindset, Free, Protestor, Clear, and Red Death. To date, the sXe combo has released a demo and live cassette, and in a few weeks, Youngblood Records (Stand Off, Discrepancy) will be issuing Dissent, Line of Sight's debut EP. "Line of Sight is one of the most rock solid live bands I've ever seen," says the label's founder, Sean O'Donnell.

"Show of Force" is one the five tracks included on Dissent, and it lives up to its ominous title. The speed is neck-breaking. The breakdown is classic-sounding. The vocal parts are spirited. This is hardcore, through and through.

Line of Sight's Dissent EP will be out in January via Youngblood Records.

***Homepage photo: Angela Owens

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