Desolat: Austrian Trio Melds Noise Rock & Sludge on Track from Forthcoming Second LP

Photo: Paayarazzi

Desolat is a power trio with a sound straddling the lines between noise rock, hardcore punk, and sludge. Formed in 2018, the band is comprised of Austrian DIY anarcho punk vets who have also played in such groups as Phal:Angst, E.M.S., and Cyruss.

The Desolat dudes cite Nomeansno, Alice Donut, and Copshootcop as key points of inspiration to their sound. Since they started playing together, they've released two EPs and one LP, with album number two, Get Sick and Let Me Watch You Die, coming out soon in the US via Reptilian Records, the label behind recent releases by Chat Pile and 400 Blows.

Let's get you acquainted with Desolat via the music video for their new track, “This Band Is Your Yoga.” The Alfred Satani-directed clip can be seen below:

Desolat shared this about the track:

“While the song’s lyrics – ‘wake up in speed, in light, in cold, and rise up indeed, before you fall’ – are a little poem that speaks of empowerment and the frequent reality of decline, it is thwarted by samples of John Boorman’s Zardoz, a dystopian delusion that serves as a social commentary on class difference and dehumanization by intellectual dazzlement, drawn through a lush dose of nihilism. Empowerment, nihilism, and confusion; welcome to the anti-esoteric community of faith: DESOLAT!"

Get Sick and Let Me Watch You Die will be released on Red Transparent vinyl including a download card through US via Reptilian Records (pre-order) and digitally through Austria’s Bloodshed 666 Records on June 14th.

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