Drug Toilet: Listen to Mysterious Detroit Hardcore Band’s Debut EP (PREMIERE)

OK, so the background information on Drug Toilet is sketchy, at best. Just take a look at the biography info on Bandcamp for further proof:

"Drug Toilet records on a stolen iPhone in a foreclosed nail salon near Comerica Park in Detroit."

The thing you really need to know is the mysterious musical project will be up the alley of fans that lean into the harsher side of the hardcore sonic spectrum, and more adventurous (twisted) metal and punk listeners. What if Sakevi of G.I.S.M. started jamming with a bunch of Clevo hardcore dudes in a stinky basement? That's a good way to describe whatever you call what Drug Toilet is doing.

After releasing a demo last year called MMXX, Drug Toilet is back with the deceptively titled Believe in Love EP, and the plumber(s?) behind the project has hooked No Echo up with an early stream of the vile collection:

If you dig what you're hearing, Drug Toilet's MMXX demo has recently been made available on super-limited cassette runs by Sex and Glue (US) and Genet Records (Europe).

Believe in Love is available today via Bandcamp. Stay tuned for the cassette release information coming soon.


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