Boneripper: New Dutch Metallic Hardcore Quintet Emerges with Debut EP in Tow

Allow us to introduce you to Boneripper, a new metallic hardcore outfit from the Netherlands.

To get the full story, No Echo corresponded with vocalist WD. "Boneripper is basically built on the ruins of the band Manu Armata, when the guitar player decided to call it quits after 15 years," he emailed. "The remaining band members decided to move forward with new guitar players and a new name. Since Manu Armata has always been a one guitar player hardcore band, the opportunity to take a new path with two new guitar players was very appealing.

"We didn't want to continue as Manu Armata because the guitar player who left was a founding member and key component to the Manu sound. After 15 years a fresh start with new musical influences can be very inspiring. Cool fact, one of the new guitar players is the 3rd brother (as in family) in the band."

Soundwise, WD shared the following influences: "Malevolence, Get the Shot, Lionheart, and some classic NYHC with some late '90s metalcore thrown in there."

Boneripper launched the band by starting the year off releasing their debut release, a 6-track EP called Vengeance & Forgiveness:

"The whole getting the band together writing songs, recording a record, and setting a release date/show was all done within a 9-month time frame," WD wrote us. "This record is about the contradictions of life and the struggles and challenges we face every day. It's about how fucked up this world is but still a beautiful place in its own way. It's about making friends and getting stabbed in the back. It's about getting knocked down and facing adversity. 

"It's about overcoming and getting back up. It’s about finding strength in your weakest moments. It’s about choosing between right and wrong. It’s about being true to yourself. It’s about turning negatives into positives while all you want to do is get your revenge. It's about the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s about vengeance & forgiveness."


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We asked WD to name some other bands from Boneripper's local scene that deserve some attention: 

"Bladecrusher is a thrash metal band from our region, our bass player plays drums in this band and they're awesome! Swim or Drown is an old-school hardcore band from our region who have been around for many years. Bloodsucker is a great band as well, fairly new but with members who have been around for many years playing other bands."


Vengeance & Forgiveness is available now across all streaming outlets.

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