Defective Chain: Extinguish, Field of Flames Members Take Japanese HC Path in New Band

Photo: Ellis Becker-Lipton

Defective Chain is a new California hardcore band that I became an instant fan of when I heard their 2022 demo a few weeks ago. 

On the information hunt, I reached out to Ged from Defective Chain, who some of you might know from his guitar work in Extinguish and Field of Flames. "Ben and Fred had been cooking up riffs for a band which they wanted to do for a while, and then I got hit up to do vocals," Ged tells me.

"We also have Eric from Extinguish playing drums. From there on we just vibed well and continued with this project."

The Defective Chain demo is a ripper, and it's not a shocker when you consider the members involved, and their shared influences. Ged keeps it simple: "I would say this band is definitely heavily influenced by Death Side, Bastard, and many more Japanese hardcore bands."

We'll keep an eye out for more from Defective Chain in the near future, but Ged wanted to send some love out to the Golden State's hardcore scene:

"I feel like California in general has been thriving with a lot of good bands. But also there’s so many to pick from but shout out to Repeat Offender, Slugger, Cockring, Big Boy, Twist of Cain, Pull Your Card, Doomsday, and Eightfold Path!"


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