Final Dose: UK Band Delivers Raw & Blackened Hardcore on “World Prisoner”

Photo: Darragh Morley

"It started as a one-man band around April 2020, with the aim to release a demo and raise money for a UK charity," says Bruno F., vocalist of Final Dose. "It was never meant to become a band."

The UK outfit just released World Prisoner, a two-track single that does a bang-up job of presenting their grim-sounding blend of hardcore and black metal. 

"The lyrics are about mental health and the feeling of being trapped in a fucked up world that keeps bringing you down with it. It’s about feeling helpless and not being able to do anything else other than watch it go to shit."

Bruno continues to tell me the Final Dose formation story: "After the release of the Dark Places EP in 2021, a couple of people approached me about playing some shows, then I randomly met our drummer at a punk show. We all started practicing as a band and played our first show in November 2021."

Final Dose aside, what else is happening across the pond? "The UK hardcore scene is doing pretty good. We just had two awesome hardcore festivals in the past three months and there’s a lot of bands releasing new stuff every week.

"You should check out our friends in Fleshcreep, Skrewball, Churchgoers, Cabeças Cortadas, and Gorilla Cake."

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