Silo: Isle of Man-Based Post-Hardcore Band Off to Strong Start with First Tracks

It's not easy getting your band noticed, no matter where you're from, but in the case of Silo, they have most beat. The quintet are based out of Isle of Man, an island located in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland.

"Me and Daniel (guitar, vocals) started playing together in 2020," Silo guitarist Laurence tells No Echo. "We followed this flow and iteration of Silo for a few months. 'practicing' once a week, then not linking up for 3 months as life got in the way. We had no name during this time and no plans to do anything other than escape the monotony of life.
"In 2021/22 we knew we needed to step up the level of the band so we asked our long time friend and drummer Darren to come to a practice and see what he thought. Straight away there was an instant elevation in quality, every idea we had Darren already had a drum part in mind that drove the tracks forward with an aggression and purpose."
Silo eventually brought in bassist Chris and vocalist Kriss into the fold and truly coalesced into a musical unit with a catchy post-hardcore sound. "Whilst we aren’t the heaviest band, our music is interlaced with the struggles and challenges we face every day," Laurence says. "The trauma inducing environments that have come to mold us into the people we are today. Faulted, imperfect, real and trying.  
"We couldn’t say what our direct influences are but our love for music ranges from Dr John to Snapcase, Sleep, Terror, Comeback Kid, Alexisonfire, Himsa, Quiksand, Burn, and so many more." 
Earlier this month, Silo released a standalone single called "Imposter," the follow-up to their debut track, 2003's "Sonder":

"'Imposter' is an ode to disillusion and the dark voice of doubt that lives inside our head. The track is our attempt to understand and reconcile the feeling. The feeling that despite what you've done, the relationships you’ve created, the beautiful things you’ve witnessed you're out of place. You don't deserve to be there, and your not enough. We need to understand that through life parts of yourself sometimes go missing."
No Echo asks Laurence about the music scene Silo is part of back at home. "The Isle of Man is a small Island in between England and Ireland, about 70 miles off the coast of Liverpool. It has always punched above it's weight musically despite being small and with limited venues willing to put on heavier acts.

"We have quite a diverse range of original bands here; some we feel are worth your time and ears are: Swarf Damage, Aeons, Shady Acres and Natural Selection. Further afield we love what Bodyweb, High Vis, Loathe, and Higher Power create."
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