Soledad: Dallas Metallic Hardcore Crew Kick Off Year with Track From Forthcoming EP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Chris Wilson

Soledad is a Texas metallic hardcore formed in late 2020 by drummer Robert Dominguez and original guitarist Eddie Tatum with the idea of starting a heavy band that incorporated both English and Spanish lyrics.

Soon after, lead guitarist Micheal Wagers and bassist Zach Fleming (Ballista) were welcomed into the fold. With the music for their self-titIed EP already recorded, Soledad recruited DFW hardcore scene vet Andy Zarate to handle vocal and lyrical duties in the band. Changes in the lineup came later that year with Oscar Garay joining as rhythm guitarist and Manny Bazaldua taking the bass position.

With their Soledad EP dropping in 2021, the quintet is gearing up for the release of Rezando Por La Muerte, which translates to “Praying for Death.” To whet your appetite, Restricted Airspace Records have dropped “Vida Perdida," a track from the forthcoming record.

Of the track, Zarate told No Echo, “The heart of the song is basically about being led while having no sense of your own direction. To be broken down and eroded by life into nothing and becoming a waste of a good person.”

Zarate wanted to highlight some of the other groups from the DFW heavy music scene. “Bands to check out from our part of the country are Ballista, Ozone, Deep Incision, Cold Case, Urn, Trucido, Dysmorphia (features members of Soledad), Earth Wrought, One in Tha Chamber, I Am, Perdidos, and All That is Flesh. This list can go on and on and that’s a great thing.”

Soledad plans to tour and release more music later in the year, so stay tuned to their social media pages below.

Rezando For La Muerte will be out on January 20th across streaming outlets via Restricted Airspace Records. The cassette version is available for pre-order at this link.

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