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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Walking Wounded

Photo: Chris Capuozzo

Band: Walking Wounded
From: Cleveland, Ohio

Their formation story:
(Noah, vocals): "Walking Wounded started as a purely casual, internet-based project. Steve (guitar) was looking for a vocalist, and a friend put me in touch. We never planned to play a show or really take anything too far. But as we kept writing, we started to feel like the songs were too good to not play live. Pete joined up on drums, Tim joined up on bass, and the rest is history."

Their sound in their own words:
"I’d say the best way to describe us is death metal-infused metalcore. Some of the biggest influences on us starting out were bands like END, Fuming Mouth, I AM, that kind of stuff.

"All four of us bring slightly different tastes to the table, so we do our best to represent everything in a harmonious way, whether it’s metalcore, hardcore, death metal, deathcore, or whatever else. We think there’s a little something for everyone in there."  

Latest release info:
"The driving force for this EP [Bestial Condemnation] was all of us bonding over our love of death metal. Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Obituary, Entombed, even contemporary bands like Frozen Soul or Tribal Gaze. We did our best to sort of meld those bands’ sound with our own more metalcore-leaning earlier material.

"We wanted more mosh parts, more catchy parts, and just an overall more dynamic experience, and I think we achieved that. This EP is for the spin kickers, the circle pitters, and the headbangers all at once." 

Future plans:
"This year we’re really trying to play more shows than we have in years past, especially trying to break outside the Ohio bubble (even though it’s the best state in the world). We have a couple unannounced shows coming up, as well as a gig with Witness Chamber in Cleveland on 3/13.

"Aside from that, the focus is gonna be on writing whatever comes next."
What other bands from their region should we check out?

"You Die First, Slug, SMILE, Rejoice, Live It Down, Grudge, Grouch, Frenzy, En Love, Sour, and every other band from the great state of Ohio."

Hit the Walking Wounded Linktree to find all of their social media pages.

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