The Suffering: Ex & Current Members of Bleeding Through, Light This City Drop Debut Track

Photo: Scott Danough

The Suffering are no strangers from writing and playing music. Their personnel contain scene veterans that have been in a number of bands from Bleeding Through to First Blood. They have a noisy brand of metal that can only be described as unrelenting and fast, while pushing the gain knob to 11. 

No Echo sat down with guitarist and principal songwriter Scott Danough for an interview about the band and a look at where The Suffering is heading. Most importantly, what they sound like with an exclusive first-listen of their song, "Preach," which also features guest vocals from Aaron Weseman from Disembodied.

First could you introduce the band and how you came together?

We’re called The Suffering, and the lineup goes as follows; Erik on guitar, Jon on bass, Eddie on drums, John on vocals, and myself (Scott) on guitar. It’s interesting to look back on how this all came together really.

I was starting to become very unhappy with the previous project we were doing. To me the most sensible thing is to salvage friendships and not ruin my friends' band. I came to the decision that it was time to move on with my own project. 

Everyone involved in The Suffering were also involved in that band with the exception of our bassist Jon. After I left, that band imploded sadly and everyone sort of gravitated to The Suffering while our drummer and I were writing the first couple Suffering songs. This band just has a great chemistry and respect for each other. I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.

Tell me a bit about the members' resumes.

So as I stated earlier, the band is composed of myself on guitar. Most will know me for my time in Bleeding Through from its humble beginnings until 2007. I’ve also played for numerous other bands like Eighteen Visions, Dawn of Ashes, Mean Season, and several others that I won’t bore people with.

Our bassist Jon has played with Light This City, At our Heels, and is currently also in Sworn Vengeance. Eddie, our drummer, has played for First Blood and just about every band from the Bay and Northern California. Erik has played in a bunch of local bands like Choking Game and more. John has done more with local projects.

What made you come up with the name?

The name just sort of came to mind one day, thinking about the state of the world and the trajectory it’s on. If things don’t change for the better soon, it’s a long road of suffering ahead. I wanted something simple yet almost generic that also sounds cool. When I suggested it the guys seemed stoked and we just went with it. 

It’s just so relatable despite how generic it is. Everyone has suffered at some point and some more than others. It’s awful but it’s also one of those things in life that sort of defines who you are by how you recover from that suffering.

What is your favorite line from "Preach," the song we're premiering today?

For me personally, I would say in the second verse where it says “Don’t pray for me." I wrote that verse since the clock was winding down, in the studio ready to lay the parts down. I’ve always felt so off put by the invasive nature of Christianity and a lot of religion in general. Christianity for sure hit close to home. I don’t want anyone’s prayers or other insincere gestures imposed on me or anyone else.

My morals are strong enough without any set of rules or traditions that say one thing and do another. It’s not for me. I do know people who are religious and they happen to be very good for people. Take my words how you will. I’m just stating my own personal experiences and the things I see going on around me.

I feel it’s important to be aware that more often these ideals are just people's own interpretations. Just be you and be nice to people.

Is the songwriting process in The Suffering a joint collaboration between all members or is there a principal songwriter?

The songs mostly start with me at home. Once we’re all in that room though I like to hear everyone else’s ideas for the riffs I wrote so we can see what suits them the best. With The Suffering, I’ve sort of taken on more writing duties than I ever did previously. With the exception of my first band decades ago.

I’m happy with how things are. I’m enjoying a lot of the creativity I’m bringing to this that I normally did not in the past. I wrote some lyrics this time around also for parts that John (vocals) needed finished and one song entirely. This is the first time in years that I’ve gotten so involved. I didn’t realize how much I needed this until it all started happening. Everyone brings something unique and much needed to this band and that’s something special.

How did the collaboration with Aaron Weseman from Disembodied come to fruition?  

Aaron and I met over 25 years ago when my old band Sever did the California dates on the Disembodied tour. We played in Steve Aoki's (DJ, Dim Mak Records) living room as a lot of touring bands did back in those days. We sort of lost touch over the years and I went to see Disembodied play with Code Orange and Twitching Tongues a few years ago and we stayed in touch a bit better after that. 

I hit him up since we had this part on the song that just couldn’t have been more perfect for his voice. The lyrics seemed to really touch base on a theme that also has been a subject Disembodied has touched on many times. There were more places I wanted for some other friends on the record but the clock was ticking, and it just didn’t work out to get the others I wanted. I’m glad Aaron worked cause that part just hits so hard with him on it. 

What have you been listening to lately?

Currently I’m listening to a lot of Rotten Sound, Entombed, and Pig Destroyer. I take a lot of influence from so many new bands cause there’s a lot happening recently that just is sounding really good. So many new bands springing up that are absolutely awesome.

Heavy music just feels exciting again. I really think experimenting with the whole chainsaw tone has been a breath of fresh air for making things feel new again (despite it not being a new thing). 

Equally, if not more, I’m influenced by what I see happening in the world today. The world is beautiful and to see so many working actively to make it ugly, on so many fucked up levels just it hurts. In the most infuriating way possible. 

This band has sort of been to me an answer back to all of it. It’s my way of calling those awful people in a way that sounds ugly but serves a purpose.  To say I may not change the world or even come close, but I’m actively changing my place in it. Meanwhile letting everyone know where I stand.

When can we expect to see a release from your camp?

Earlier today, our singer and I were talking with Brendan who owns and operates the label (Protagonist Music) that is releasing the record. He also sang for one of the most influential bands of the '90s, Groundwork.

We’re in good company with the label and feel it’s the right place at the right time for us. Protagonist believes in our vision and wants to do everything they can to help us realize that. So to answer the question we’re expecting tentatively to have it released in August of 2023.

What are your goals for the band in the future? 

Once we get the demo out and follow that up with the record our goals are to keep writing and play as much as we can without saturating the calendar for specific areas. We want to play as much as possible but we also have careers and families to take care of so touring is likely not an option save for select dates in areas when we can.

Best slice of pizza in your area?

Hands down, Bronco Billys in our area. Who cares about pizza when we have so many other great diverse foods here! We’re lucky to live in such a diverse area that’s a melting pot of different cultures. That said, if you haven’t fucked with any curry pizza places then you aren’t living.


The Suffering's debut album will be out this August, with pre-orders starting next month via Protagonist Music.

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