Bigg Egg: Cleveland Outfit Heats Up Reverb-Drenched Punk

New Cleveland band, Bigg Egg, released a demo on at the end of 2022. What seems to be a parody of egg punk/chain punk discourse quickly loses the shell (little pun for ya there), and the fleshed out release is much more.

Soaked in reverb, the vocals cut through instruments that seem to be recorded analog. The quality of the recording adds character to what is otherwise straight forward punk, no bullshit. 

"We began the incubation process driving by the now closed Big Egg family restaurant and thinking that would be a funny name for a punk band," singer Sarah Egg told me via email. "As bffs and lovers of punk rock music we decided to band together and fully hatch the idea of a egg-themed punk band. It came very naturally writing lyrics as there are so many egg puns to be made.

"We practiced/wrote/recorded everything in [guitarist/vocalist] Nicole’s basement over a span of a few months. We didn’t want to advertise the band before we had something recorded, no bigg things coming, bigg things here."

When asked about their reverb-driven approach and debut release, here's what Sarah said: "I would describe our sound in three words; raw, fried, and punk rock. It’s a tight 7:40-second journey that will have you b(EGG)ing for more."

As far as Bigg Egg's future plans, Sarah wrote me: "Tour all over the world and a one-million dollar record contract with Delayed Gratification Records."

Here are some musical recommendations the singer sent our way: "Killer Cleveland bands you must check out; The Hell, Rabid Delusion, Perverts Again, Show Pink, angelhair., Knowso, Piss Me Off, Slug, Cruelster, the Carp, Necrophrophecy, Yambag, and Woodstock 99!"


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