Miracle Drug, How Much Is Enough (WAR Records, 2017)

The first song on How Much Is Enough—the debut EP from Louisville, KY's Miracle Drug—starts off with a freakish guitar lick that brings to mind something Jason Farrell would have served up for Swiz back in the day, but then "War Within" makes way for a stomping riff section that signals a different vibe altogether. The rest of the track offers a myriad of hardcore-centric moods and transitions, with guitarist Matt Wieder shape-shifting his style with rock-solid fluidity throughout it all.

It makes sense that Miracle Drug have such a diverse songwriting style since the band features former members of C.R., Mouthpiece, Supertouch, and By the Grace of God, all bands rooted in hardcore, but each quite different from the other.

Recorded by Will Allard (Whips/Chains), How Much Is Enough is a 6-song collection that keeps the blend of bite and melody of its first track going till its conclusion. Even Bricks Avalon's anguished hardcore-informed vocals have a tinge of melodicism to them. The singing approach melds well with the band's on-the-move arrangements.

The A+ rhythm section of drummer Thommy Browne and bassist Jeremy Holehan also insures that Wieder's slinky guitar lines can move about songs like "Jury's Out" and "Columbus" with authority. At times, the EP reminds me of Rollins Band, and that might have to do with the Browne/Holehan rhythmic touch. Either way, it's a potent combo of talents.

After an impressive demo, and now How Much Is Enough, all I can hope for is that the guys in Miracle Drug can find enough time away from their career responsibilities to make a proper album.

Photo: Bryan Volz

How Much Is Enough will be out at the end of July, and is available for pre-order from WAR Records.

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