Buried Alive: ‘90s Hardcore Unit Return with a Fury on ‘I Killing I’ (PREMIERE)

Photo: Danielle Dombrowski

It's even crazy for me to type it out, but it's been 20 years since Buried Alive broke up. Time flies, my friends. 

Fronted by vocalist Scott Vogel (Terror, Despair, World Be Free), the Buffalo hardcore unit proved to be influential via both their recorded output and tours with such bands as 7 Seconds, Hot Water Music, and All Out War in the late '90s.

Well, the good news is that Buried Alive is returning via Death Will Find You, a new EP featuring two brand-new songs and two re-mastered songs from their 2000 Boston-Buffalo Express split with Reach the Sky. 

No Echo is honored to present the premiere "I Killing I," a killer cut off of the forthcoming EP, for you today:

Death Will Find You will be released on August 21 via Bridge Nine Recordings. Hit the pre-order right here.

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