Surrender: Synth Duo Create a Track Fit for a John Hughes Film Soundtrack w/ "A Lifetime Away " (PREMIERE)

Photo: Rémi Thériault

I'm about to introduce you to Surrender, a synthpop duo based out of Ottawa, Canada. Now, why would I cover someone in that musical wheelhouse on No Echo? Well, it turns out that Surrender vocalist Scott McCash and multi-instrumentalist Dave Williams were also both members of Crusades, a hardcore punk outfit that recently wrapped up a decade-long run, releasing material on such labels as No Idea and It's Alive along the way. Scott is also a member of punkers The Creeps, while Dave records/performs with a handful of projects, including Black Tower and The Steve Adamyk Band.

But back to Surrender.

Citing such synth-driven influences as Erasure and New Order, while also showing love to '90s emo-leaning acts like Elliott and Antarctica, Surrender are gearing up for the release of their eponymous debut album. Produced by Alex Gamble (Fucked Up, Alvvays), the record showcases the duo's penchant for cinematic synths, hook-crazy vocal melodies, and the kinds of choruses that wouldn't have sounded out of place on the soundtrack to a John Hughes film. For proof, listen to "A Lifetime Away" below:

“I don’t think there’s anything particular I want to say about the lyrics to our songs," says a vague Scott. "I’m really enjoying the process, and many songs are kind of about the same thing but also not really about anything at all. I kinda like the idea that they’re broad enough for the most part that people can read into them what they want.” OK then!

Surrender are still putting the final touches on their album, but expect it on the streaming services by late June. For now, head to their Bandcamp page to check out other tracks from the forthcoming record. You can also follow Surrender on Facebook and Instagram.

Lastly, Dave put together a Spotify playlist showcasing some of Surrender's influences.

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