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Record Collector: Jon Huskey, aka records_collected

Jon Huskey lives in Riverside, CA where his works as an Early Education teacher. The married father of two keeps busy with work, home life, record collecting, and learning Pokémon and Minecraft with his six-year-old. He used to keep the It Folows music blog and also co-ran a music venue in the Inland Empire with Nate from Xibalba called the SOS Project. With Andrew from Glory Kid Records, it eventually became SOS Booking, which is going strong to this day.

Welcome Jon to the Record Collector club. 

How long have you been collecting records?

I've been actively collecting for about 25 years now, but I’m almost 40-years-old, so I had books on 45 as a kid. My mom had lots of records and one of those huge record player/8-track/stereo combos that was the length of the living room window and probably waist high to your average adult. And she had that well before I was born clear up until at least the end of high school. So, my younger sister and I had these paper type records that were a page you ripped out of a book...Disney books. I had Mickey Mouse’s Casey at the Bat and Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel, stuff like that, from as early as I can remember. At about 14 I started buying my own vinyl and haven’t stopped.


# Committed - “the Pride We Share” 7 inch (Punk Uprisings/ Reflections Records) 1998 ******************************* Forever unfairly compared to Youth of Today because singer Casey’s vocals to bear an uncanny resemblance to Ray’s circa classic YOT; Committed were a lot more than that. Sure, they played a pretty straight forward brand of hardcore, but they were not some YOT worship and they were miles from being just some youth crew revival band. This is still a record I put on (or the Phyte records CD) and enjoy listening to. Along with the demo which is included on the CD version and two songs on the great Rebirth of Hardcore 1999 comp, they had a small output. I believe Casey sang for another band or two, short lived. I think I have a demo somewhere for a band. I believe he now works for ESPN, or did. Either way, fun band from the late 90s Midwest scene. #committed #thecommitted #straightedge #hardcore #punk #theprideweshare #cleveland #vinyl #vinylcollection #vinylcollectionpost #vinylcollector #clevo #punkuprisings #reflectionsrecords #record #recordcollection #recordcollector #vinyljunkie

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Where/how do you usually find your records these days?

Nowadays, I do most of record buying in-store. I’ve definitely done plenty of mailorder, eBay/Skylab and those kids of auction sites, and places like Discogs/Dead Format. But I still love going into a shop and thumbing through things. The $1 and $2 bins are my friend! So many gems and unsuspecting finds. I’m also spoiled some. My general Inland Empire scene casts a wide net and encompasses things as wide as the almighty Spanky's Cafe/Showcase Theatre and bands as wide as Voodoo Glow Skulls, Justice League, Chain of Strength, and Man Is the Bastard, the Claremont colleges radio station KSPC, and Dr. Strange Records, which has not only been a store for a long time, but a record label and top of line mailorder for even longer. Bill, aka the Doc, is a class act record and music guy (don’t let him fool you), so I’ve always had somewhere to go as other local shops have ebbed and flowed with vinyl.


What Happens Next? - “Hollow Victory” 10 inch mini-LP (Not A Problem) 2000 ••••••••••••. I know I’ve talked about WHN before, posting the Standfast Tour EP. This band was hugely foundational to my better exploring international hardcore. I knew bands like Larm, Hersey, and others, but WHN took time to connect with current bands as well as pay respect to those who came before. I was already well into Punk and Hardcore when this was handed to me at Dr Strange by one of the employees who saw me holding a 97a “Abandoned Future” 12 inch, who told me, here- you need this! 12 songs in less than 15 minutes, inc a Gorilla Biscuits and Impact Unit cover. The First Year CD pictured has the record as well as their first 7inch and some comp tracks and a live show. It all still clocks in at just around 45 minutes, inc the 16 minute live set. This bands sound was always so tight and quality from the great Bart Thurber/House or Faith. Lastly, the bands penchant for including a song in another language or with parts in other languages- here, Salamat Kaibigan, paying thanks to Third World hardcore scenes who survived with far less than what’s afforded to us in the “west” and other first world countries, was always awesome. #whathappensnext #hardcore #punk #625 #625thrashcore #hardcorepunk #thrash #thrashcore #whn #hollowvictory #vinyl #vinylcollection #record #recordnerd #vinylcollector #punkvinyl #10inch

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What is the most you paid for a single record, where/how did you obtain it, and what was it?

I really don’t pay a ton for records. A few years ago I picked up a really clean copy of Subhumans' The Day the Country Died for a touch over $40, from Dr. Strange Records. However, I just can’t bring myself to go bonkers for records. I always look at the "I could get so much more if I don’t go all in on this one record." I was definitely the kid in the store buying the 10 and 15 cent Lemonheads, Boston baked beans and that stuff and pissing the candy bars [laughs]. However, I did just drop $30 on a copy of Underdog The Vanishing Point while holding a copy of the Matchless vinyl. I have pushed hard on some things before on eBay and been outbid on stuff that would have cost me north of $50 if I won. I did sell a copy of Further Seems Forever’s first album on Clear for almost $200 a few years ago. I loved the album but it was just too good to not flip for a record that is exactly the same as the CD. And given I’d bought it brand new for $9.


Underdog - “the Vanishing Point” LP (Caroline) #Novvinylchallenge D15: Recent Addition ••••••• I’ve owned this on tape and CD since I was a teenager. I’d picked up the tape at 15 or 16 because I always heard about them and it had the hole drilled in it that said it was used and $3.99 still shrink wrapped. I was well into HC at the time, but this was a different trip down a familiar path. It was HC and punk filled, but they did such different stuff in the framework. The vocals soared but could still come down and thump you in a HC song. The music could stop and start on a dime, drop the guitars out and march you along with the rhythm section before coming back strong with big and hooky riffs. There are definitely hc albums that fall in a similar category of being a unique creature - The Vanishing Point is perhaps one of the earliest and finest (to take nothing from Underdog’s other, more HC output.) #underdog #underdognyhc #thevanishingpoint #carolinerecords #vinyl #vinylcollection #vinylcollector #vinylcommunity #records #recordcollection #vinylgram #instavinyl #hardcore#hardcorepunk #nyhc

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If you to pick one record label you feel had/has the best track record of quality releases, who would that be and what are some key titles you love?

Best track record: Dischord, hands down! I have a ton of Nemesis and Mystic stuff, but Nemesis was not a super long run and Mystic can be real hit and miss. But Dischord, the quality just speaks for itself. Every release is a quality effort. I don’t love every release or band, but it looks good and sounds good and you know that it was put out with a purpose and not just “lets throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks.” Key releases for me would be the Dischord First Year with Teen Idles, SOA, Government Issue, and Youth Brigade. Mostly for SOA and Teen Idles. I love GI, but really starting at their Make An Effort 7”. Fugazi's Repeater is huge for me. As I got way into hardcore most of my punk friends kind of stalled out on it after the first wave of bands. Fugazi totally turned things on its head while also showing things that tied back to some of the grunge music I really liked.


V/A - Dischord Records : 4 7inches on a 12inch (Dischord) Clear Vinyl Re-press | ••••••Some of my earliest exposure to the great Dischord catalog was the CD version of this w/the first two Minor Threat 7”s on it. As much as I love MT, this still has two of my favorite Dischord releases- Teen Idles And SOA. SOA in particular just has such a primal fury and anger to it, their 7” and more recent demo 7” release are still great! • Funny enough, GI would go on to release some of my favorite DC stuff ever starting with the Make an Effort ep. the 7” here isn’t bad, but it doesn’t hold up to the stuff from that EP - Joyride LP. Also funny, because I know @zvscollection has similar feelings, the Youth Brigade demo released more recently is much more appealing to me than the 7” found here. Still, often my least favorite Dischord stuff is better than more than half of any other releases out there #hardcore #punk #hardcorepunk #vinyl #dischordrecords #dischord #vinylcollection #vinylcollector #record #recordcollection #recordcollector #coloredvinyl #clearvinyl #teenidles #soa #stateofalert #youthbrigadedc #governmentissue #gi

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Minor Threat's Out of Step is iconic. But as my friend Zack discussed on your site, the greatness of this little album kind of gets lost at times in the scope of how great the Discography is. There are little things that were cut out from the actual individual album release. Faith/Void split LP is paramount as is Embrace’s LP. Dag Nasty’s two Dischord LPs are incredible in totally separate ways. Can I Say was the first thing I ever heard described as emo-core. As far as more recently, The Warmers LP is incredible. Alec MacKaye’s best since the Faith (no diss on Ignition) and Amy’s drumming is so incredible. She’s great in the Warmers, who I think get better with each release, but the Warmers is otherworldly.


Still alive. @zvscollection recently asked me what happened with this account- I moved and it was quicker and sooner than planned. The records are still in boxes as we are currently looking at some new shelving. However, as other boxes get unpacked I’ve already come across some other music goodies to share. For now, here’s my framed copy of Out of Step. There’s nothing fancy about the pressing, a pretty standard 80s repress. Of course it’s massive to me for the music and the words contained in it. I’m not crazy on the idea of framing records, but about a year ago we picked up a few from ikea because some artwork is just iconic. Going to be headed to a minor threat inspired art and punk show next Sunday. Fun times #minorthreat #dischordrecords #hardcore #dchardcore

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Of everything in your current collection, what is your most prized record and why? 

Oh man! That’s tough. I have some records friends have done or released that are pretty damn special to me. I have a test press of a local band, Restrained. who are friends of mine and it was put out by our friend who runs Glory Kid. I got it from Andrew at GK when we were actually neighbors and he gave it to me at a time where there was rough stuff going on in life as gratitude towards or friendship and that means a lot! I’d say my copy of Bonds of Friendship but it doesn’t have an insert [laughs]. Other than Restrained, my IRS press of Dead Kennedys' Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables with orange cover the band didn’t authorize and with the picture of an actual band on the back that got pissed and made them change it. That album was one of the first punk albums I got (on CD) and when I picked up that record, for less than 10 bucks shipped, I was over the moon. I was neck deep in Rev, Youngblood, Third Party, Underestimated records bands, hardcore all the way, and picking that DK album up made my whole year. It’s just such a great album. Not that DK did a bad one, but it’s a fond memory and still a great personal score!

Is there anything that frustrates you about the current record collecting scene?

There is definitely that ebb and flow of inflation depending on who’s hot or not. At times, it seems far less lately but that could have to do with me not being quite as in tune with all those things as much right now. Supply and demand always works that way, but I’ve read more than a few pieces about collectors that buy things for the artistic value. Some enjoy the music and all, but get it digitally and buy the vinyl for display. I definitely think there can be a real misplaced value on pressing generation and limited run, especially in punk and hardcore. And while I’ve indulged in a few collecting adventures, namely Over My Dead Body, it can certainly get really wild, really fast. The festishization of vinyl with labels and music styles that had long abandoned the format can be frustrating. It’s caused some real delays for some smaller bands and labels. A major repressing the Beatles catalog is always going to get preference. And that can really suck. On the upside, some of my first group of students who are in their mid-late 20s actually enjoy vinyl and they might not have without the resurgence.


# V/A - Memories of Tomorrow LP (Youngblood) 2000 •••••••••••••••••••••••••• What a great comp album from Youngblood Records. I usually much prefer 7” comps just because it leaves no room for filler and friends bands, but this one has no filler. NONE! Are some songs better than others? Sure! But more than half of these bands put out releases that were/are seen as being important in HC at the time. *i could go on for days about the bands, and if you scroll through you will see some of my favorites as I snapped pictures of the pages from inside the full-size booklet that came with this. The artwork, the book, each band getting a page on it, the bands and their songs- incredible! Thanks yet again Youngblood - Joe and Sean and everyone involved! What a great document of that turn of the century hardcore ;). @youngbloodrecords #youngbloodrecords #hardcore #punk #hardcorepunk #nojustice #whathappensnext #lifeshalt #dirtydirtandthedirts #carryon #noreply #rancor #gatecrashers #comp #compilation #vinyl #record #vinylcollection #vinylcollectionpost #vinylcollector #vinylcollection_feature #vinyljunkie #recordcollection #recordcollector #recordjunkie

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Which records are still on your want list that you've had a tough time tracking down through the years?

The first Offspring album on Nemesis, due to their popularity that thing skyrocketed years ago. I haven’t looked in years because it was always ridiculous. SSD's Get It Away. It baffles me that the SSD stuff and things like the Necros, which are owned by labels that are still active don’t do some proper reissues. I’m all for a quality reissue. I have beautiful reissues of the Deep Wound 7” and Middle Class Out of Vogue 7” and am perfectly happy with them. The Reactors LP. They were a local punk band in the '80s that were really good. The 7” has been reissued but not the LP. And it’s a KBD gem and not widely pressed so it goes for stupid amounts of money. Flux of Pink Indians' Strive to Survive is another. I’ve had a chance but didn’t have the money. And it goes for a slightly more palpable range of high $30’s, high $40’s with good vinyl and intact booklet. Much like the great Ruts LPs, they always come my way when I just don’t have the cash. One day, hopefully.


Rain on the Parade - “Full Speed Ahead” 7inch (My War) #Novvinylchallenge D07: Out of 100 ••••••••••• I wasn’t sure I’d find something so easily. I’ve got stuff out of all sorts of random numbers and surely others out of 100, but I found this little revival favorite. I just posted the Fired Up demo so this works. It has one of my favorite ROTP songs, Respect. At a time when fast hardcore started to resurge they managed to bring a realistic approach to the positive. Anger and hope mixed together with an unabashed frontman willing to criticize things, including himself. “I’m sure that broken nose really has him seeing things your way” remains a reminder of the ugly side of this music. This one is on White. Scroll through to see my proclivity for obsession- all gotten cheaply #rainontheparade #hardcore #fullspeedahead #mywarrecords #coloredvinyl #whitevinyl #vinylcollection #vinyl #records #recordcollection #vinylgram #instavinyl #vinylcollection_feature #recordcollector

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Lastly, I always seem to just miss the 411 This Isn’t Me LP. It is hands down a Top 5 or Top 10 album for me and I’m always a day late on scooping it up. I have everything else and even did a really comprehensive collection on the blog before Dan O assembled the great collection LP a few years ago. All of those guys have done some fantastic bands (ahem- Farside, Rocket from the Crypt, Speak 714, Triggerman, and Dan’s new band, Shiners Club, to name a very small amount of bands those guys have been in), but 411 is tops for me!


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