Inner Turmoil: Pennsylvania Metallic HC Group is Pushed Too Far on “Complex Control”

Photo: Jeff Zalesak

Based out of Harrisburg, Inner Turmoil is a Pennsylvania metallic hardcore band that love blending brutality with groove. The quintet's official debut release came in the form of Trapped at Birth, a 6-track EP that saw its release late last year, gaining ground throughout the hardcore community in places like Australia and Japan.

Now, thanks to a new deal with Upstate Records (Leeway NYC, Penitentiary), Inner Turmoil is looking to expand on their US presence via Raised Through Aggression, a new EP that lives up to its menacing title.

Get a (brutal) taste of the forthcoming EP below through "Complex Control," one of the 5 songs on the collection:

Inner Turmoil vocalist James Holijes had the following to say about "Complex Control" to No Echo:

"Have you ever had that one person just push you too far, to the point that you can’t control all your pent up anger and rage, that you finally snap and want to hurt them by any means necessary? Well that’s what this song is about!"

For the Raised Through Aggression sessions, Inner Turmoil worked with Hayden John Calhoun, who recorded, mixed, and mastered the EP at Darkside Audio.

Raised Through Aggression will be out soon via Upstate Records.

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