Six Steps Forward: Polish Hardcore Band “Break Loose” on First Taste of New Record

"Our sound has evolved over the years, starting from a mix of H2O and early The Ghost Inside, with aggression matching that of Terror, to a heavier, darker take on Brutality Will Prevail flirting with Earth Crisis." That's a pretty wide stretch of sound in the hardcore spectrum, but that's how Six Steps Forward vocalist Bart Adamek breaks it down when No Echo asks for a breakdown of their approach.

Based out of Kraków, the Polish outfit has been around for over a decade now, and their style has evolved along the way. "Our number one rule has never changed: every song must include a breakdown. Today, our style on the local scene is described as Comeback Kid on steroids, Hatebreed with melodies, or an aerobics workout à la Lionheart."

Six Steps Forward are gearing up for the release of their latest record, The Grim Verse. "It is a personal journey through what we have experienced: the pandemic, the loss of loved ones, isolation, uncertainty, and longing for the past," Bart explained. "We wanted to channel all these negative emotions, and our concerts are true evidence of this catharsis. TGV contains 8 tracks that we wrote together. The songs were crafted during band retreats at a secluded cottage in the mountains. During these retreats, each of us had our own room, allowing us to work both together and individually.

"After completing work on the demos, we decided to record them at Heinrich House Studio under the watchful eye of Filip Hałucha (known for albums by Behemoth, Decapitated). In the production process, we placed our full trust in Alex Britt (heavy//hitter). That's why TGV is a modernist approach to hardcore roots, with such a raw and aggressive sound."

Six Steps Forward just dropped a music video for "Break Loose," one of the tracks from The Grim Verse:

"The video for our first single 'Break Loose' was directed by the talented director Wojciech Mszyca. The collaboration was truly enjoyable, seeing how he turned our least aggressive track into a true beast. Once we had planned the release strategy for TGV, we decided to join forces with Upstate Records UK/EU because we know Kuba and are convinced of his reliability. We're glad that Kuba has entrusted us with the same trust."

Admittedly, No Echo's knowledge of the current state of Polish hardcore isn't up to standards, but Bart was happy to enlighten us: "The Polish scene is full of interesting bands, both active and already disbanded.

"Speaking of the active ones, we have to mention our friends with whom we've shared the stage more than once: Last Penance, Burning Sky, Pale Path, Skov, Synapsa, Schizma, Drown My Day, Embitter, Eye for an Eye, Bright Light, Mentally Ill, Heresy Denied, CF98. As for those we won't hear live anymore: Earthbound, The Lowest."

The Grim Verse will be released later this year via Upstate Records (UK/EU).

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