Mile End: Ontario Band’s New Track Was Inspired by a Ray Bradbury Classic (PREMIERE)

Photo: Lorenzo Jose

Once known as "The Flower Town of Canada," Brampton is a city in the Canadian province of Ontario. It's also home to Mile End, a band who's members have been helping to build its music scene by organizing DIY shows wherever they can convince people to let them book the space.

Playing a style of music many people would refer to as "hardcore adjacent," Mile End's songwriting is always catchy in its approach, but yes, there's definitely a heavier tone pushing through the performances.

Having released their debut single, "Choose Life," back in October, Mile End just dropped a new track called "Burn the Wise" to whet your appetite for their forthcoming EP later this year, which they say is more melodic hardcore-driven than their earlier output:

Produced and mixed by DEAR-GOD, "Burn the Wise" features lyrics inspired by Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. "I got the idea to write the song after the book, when I heard Alexisonfire had written songs about Kurt Vonnegut short stories," Mile End vocalist Jake Thompson tells No Echo.

"I felt Fahrenheit 451's themes of suicide, censorship, and loss of individuality would make an interesting song so I decided to write lyrics based on themes from the book"

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