Bitter Truth: Get Early Taste of Michigan Hardcore Band’s Punishing First LP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Sam Rottschafer

Hailing from the city of Grand Rapids, Bitter Truth is a Michigan-based band that plays mean-sounding hardcore of a high caliber.

Originally started as more of a fun type of project  influenced by the likes of No Warning and Down to Nothing, Bitter Truth's lineup eventually solidifed, and the group got to work playing shows throughout the Midwest and Canada. 

Since then, they've dropped a demo (2016), an EP called Reality Check (2018), a 2-song single "N.E.C./Numb" (2019), and last year's 3-track release, The Voice of the Unheard

Now aligned with Patient Zero Records (Burning Strong, Near Dark), Bitter Truth is finally getting ready to unleash Perfect World, their debut full-length album. Take a listen to the record's punishing title track below:

"The overall theme of the LP deals with the struggle between the haves and the have nots," says vocalist Mnasse. "If we keep fighting for what’s right, we can begin to break down the systems of oppression that still plague us today. It’s a long road and there are challenges at every turn."

Check out this Perfect World promo for another quick taste of what we're in for once the album hits stores:

For the Perfect World sessions Bitter Truth worked with Rick Johnson at Cold War Studios, Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording, and Len Carmichael at Landmine Studios.

Perfect World will be out soon via Patient Zero Records.

Bitter Truth on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp


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