mt.ida: Philadelphia Trio Melds Dissonance x Melody via “Almond” (PREMIERE)

"Everyone in the band grew up with an appreciation for bands like Envy, Hot Cross, and Neil Perry without ever trying to make something that spoke to us the way that did and this is the result of us finally doing it ourselves."

That's bassist/vocalist Connor Byrne telling No Echo about the genesis behind the creation of mt.ida, a crushing trio who will be releasing its debut album next month.

Connor picks up the story: "Nick Rosica, who plays guitar and writes as the main songwriter, started this band in 2017 and shortly after I was enlisted to play bass and sing. After trying out a few different lineups, I found Toby Pool to play drums through mutual friends and luckily everything came together quickly from that point forward thanks to shared appreciation for the place the music was coming from."

Though the mt.ida album isn't out yet, No Echo got hooked up with a track called "Almond" below for you to check out. If Level Plane Records were still around, we wouldn't be surprised if they would be down with these guys:

"In 2019 I was able to travel to an abandoned mountain town called Umito, Italy where my grandfather's family left to come to America," says Connor about the lyrics to "Almond" and the brutality that inspired them. "When we arrived I noticed most of the small town was covered with plaques and memorials for lives lost, a number of them taken by the Nazis during their takeover of Italy. Some of them were related to me, some of them were younger than children.

"It was really hard to think of what it must have been like to endure that kind of hardship firsthand and then, with America enduring it's own ongoing fights with fascism and bigoted ideology, it felt necessary to share a perspective of the stories I came across as a reminder any party roaming around and extinguishing innocent life is a threat and the terror letting it go unchecked creates."

The self-titled debut mt.ida album will be out on May 7th via the group's Bandcamp page.


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