Meketa Power Electronics: Apartment 213 Vocalist Revisits Noise In Solo Project

Best known for his work in Apartment 213 and Lockweld, Steven Meketa has been putting out music since the early '90s. Grindcore, industrial, and power violence are just a few of the sounds and scenes his input has contributed to in the decades since.

In his latest project, Meketa Power Electronics, the Cleveland native take a dark noise route that is perhaps some of his harshest work yet. I spoke with Meketa about the new adventure, his introduction to that kind of music, and how he landed on the revamped Dark Empire Records roster.

You’ve had various projects/bands throughout the years in different musical styles, but noise feels like your sweet spot. What is it about the form that you find so alluring?

I started doing bands in my teens. I started off doing straight edge hardcore because I really dug it. I still do.

When Chris Pellow (Apartment 213 guitar player, Ringworm bass player) introduced me to what would become power violence, I was hooked. At the same time, I discovered noise. I dug the whole aesthetic of the genre. From the sounds to the packaging of the records, CDs, and tapes. This is what I was searching for!

I remember at a real young age, taking vinyl records that I wasn’t a fan of and warping them, scratching them, I even drilled a different axis holes to make the recordings sound different haha better I thought. 

Yes, I consider noise and power electronics my primary genres of music/sound 100% 

What was your introduction to noise/industrial music? Did you find it through the harsher side of metal and punk, or was there a different pathway?

Well, growing up in rural Ohio, avant-garde music wasn’t a thing. Of course I had access to metal music but even hardcore music was hard to get. This was the early '80s. Luckily. I have an older brother and he had some cool friends.

I was introduced to Throbbing Gristle and Whitehouse early on. Admittedly, at the time, I wasn’t even sure what I was listening to. One of my brother's friends would always tell me, “It’s like Pink Floyd but minus the vocals and guitars, you know the cool part.” This stuck with me to this day. 

Tell me a bit about Meketa Power Electronics and what inspired you to start the project in the first place.

The history of Meketa to the unknowing seems like it happened overnight. Kinda. But I was admittedly dormant from doing music in a “scene” no gigs, no releases but I was and always will make noise. I had zero equipment so everything I had been doing was on my phone [laughs]. 

Dwid (Integrity, Psywarfare) and I have been great friends for decades. Dwid I guess kinda wanted me to record and play shows. I thought I was content just doing my thing with my fitness routine of Skogging (see and focusing on my faith, family and fitness. One day Dwid sent me a message: “You should do your Power Electronics and your lyrics should be about your life and faith”

I remember being floored and I felt relieved. I think I needed someone I totally respect and admire to give me the confidence. I prayed about it and I received absolute confirmation!! So it’s been full power ahead ever since and I won’t stop. I plan on doing this band until I am put in the dirt. 

The reason why I use my last name has a bit of a history too. All my life most people addressed - called me by my last name. That is one reason but the more significant reasons stem from more confirmation. My dad passed away in March 2024. My dad is my hero. I named my longboard company Meketa Longboards to honor him. My dad probably never skated a day in his life but his work ethic was bar none so when I heard that he wasn’t doing well I knew with his age and his health that his time was limited so Meketa Longboards was/is the name. 

In one of Dwid and my conversations he mentioned that I should call my project/band "Meketa." I decided to call the band Meketa right after my dad died. To honor him. I think this is the first band that I have been in that he would be proud of. I’m praising and honoring God. That was huge for him. 

I call the band Meketa Power Electronics for a few reasons. One to differentiate the band from my longboard company and to pay homage to the heros of the genre. 

What can people expect on You Are Not Alone? Is there a thematic thread tying it together?

With all my releases and live performances, people can expect to encounter God. Whether you believe in God or not. You won’t be able to deny His spirit. You will feel something. 

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How did Dark Empire Records get involved. You have history with Dwid, but he’s not running the label this time.

Around the time of Dwid and my conversations, the 30th anniversary of Apartment 213's Vacancy was released but as an LP. Side A is Vacancy in its entirety. Side B consists of noise tracks I did with my friend Jim of the noise band Fellahean. So noise was in the air so to speak [laughs]. 

Alex of Dark Empire asked if I wanted to do a Meketa Power Electronics LP and I said absolutely. The LP, Psalm 98:4-9, will be out soon. Dwid is not running the label but Dwid is the second member/studio member of sorts in Meketa Power Electronics. 

What else do you have cooking right now on the musical front?

Well now, Meketa Power Electronics will have the aforementioned LP on Dark Empire records as well as the You Are Not Alone tape on Dark Empire — the European version of this tape is out on Alpha - Morzel label. As we speak, Meketa Power Electronics has a CD called The Apostles out on Black Claw Records. There will be live performances that I promise you will be a revival!

In other music news, Apartment 213 members are healthy, myself included. We will be moving forward this year. We are writing and recording a couple LPs of all new songs! The LPs are going to be released by Black Claw Records and Dark Empire Records. 


You Are Not Alone is out now digitally via Dark Empire Records.

The Apostles is available on CD via Black Claw Records.

Meketa Power Electronics on Bandcamp. Follow the project on Instagram

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