Heatseeker: Warsaw Band Antes Up Ripping Hardcore on Illusion of Will EP

Photo: Maja Hutnik

Based out of Warsaw, Heatseeker is a Polish hardcore band that was formed back in 2011. The group was started by two members of another group, Double Vision, completing their lineup the following year. 

Throughout the years, Heatseeker have built up an impressive body of work, including three EPs and one LP. 

"Heatseeker's sound has evolved over the years, but our core influences have consistently hinged on '80s US hardcore," Michał (guitar) and Maciek (vocals) told me via email.

"Additionally, we've drawn inspiration from more contemporary acts such as The Rival Mob, Boston Strangler, Pure Disgust, and others. In recent times, we've deliberately embraced a rawer and rougher direction."

That sound comes ripping on Illusion Promo, a teaser that recently dropped in anticipation of Heatseeker's forthcoming Illusion of Will EP. "Just before entering the studio to record our latest EP, Dominik, our second guitarist, made the decision to depart, paving the way for Paweł, formerly of the Polish neo-crust punk legends Drip of Lies, to join our ranks."

"Illusion of Will was recorded in summer and autumn 2022 by Michał Ścibior at Wieloślad Studio. Mixing and mastering duties were expertly handled by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studio. We were very happy to work with both these guys, they did amazing work. As for the lyrics, some are pretty personal, some of them are loose thoughts on existential issues and the condition of society."

Michał and Maciek shared the following thoughts on the state of the Polish hardcore scene at the moment:

"The local hardcore/punk scene in Poland was pretty vibrant but had been shrinking because of COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent years have seen a further decline in active participants. Currently, the average person attending the shows is usually in his/her late 30s or early 40s.

"While there are younger people present, they are apparently less committed to the one scene and have more diverse musical taste than we definitely had when we were in their age. Ouch. Nevertheless, new bands continue to emerge, including acts like Hollowman, Incident, Negative Impact, and Träume, just to name a few."


The Illusion of Will 7" will be out this fall via Refuse Records (pre-order).
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