Second Life & Terminal Nation Singer Represent Little Rock Hardcore on “Sin & Punishment”

Balancing fast tempos with groove-driven moshier parts, Second Life is a hardcore band from Little Rock, Arkansas. Formed in the midst of the pandemic lockdown, singer Mat Johnson's lyrics often approach things through the black perspective of a person living in a red state.

"Second Life strongly pushes for inclusiveness, so anybody and everybody can get the release, therapy, and escape they need from a hardcore show," says their biography. 

Recently, Hellminded Records signed on to release Second Life's debut EP later this year. That means the group will be part of the same roster as Honey, Shades Apart, and No Escape. Not too shabby!

So, enough talking and let's get down to business with this No Echo premiere of "Sin & Punishment," a song from the forthcoming Second Life EP. The track features guest vocals by Stan Liszewski of Terminal Nation, another Little Rock band doing great things:

Second Life vocalist Mat Johnson told No Echo the following about the track:

"The song came from the killing of Eric Garner and George Floyd. Both were killed in a similar manner but only one of the situations was there any type of punishment given. The topic expands to the larger issue of how common this is to the point of this being normalized as American society due to the abysmal chance of cops facing consequences for killing people."

To get a further taste of Second Life, watch this video shot by Hate5Six at their first show last summer in Little Rock:

The Second Life 12-inch EP will be released by Hellminded Records in late 2022.

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