FoulMouth: Nashville Hardcore Trio Kicks Year Off with Rage-Filled Track

Photo: Jake Murnane 

"Originally the band was just an outlet for me when I lived in Florida," says FoulMouth bassist/vocalist Carson LaCava, "but when I moved back to Nashville I started putting out feelers for band mates to write and jam with. Grant (bass and vocals) and Tucker (drums and vocals) were both guys I’ve grown really close with recently and we started practicing together at our storage unit last summer."

Based in Nashville, FoulMouth just released a track called "Turn of the Screw" to kick 2021 off. 

"I wrote the song over a year ago by myself, but we ended up fleshing it out and embellishing certain aspects as we practiced it. The lyrical content is pretty dark obviously, and is just an outpouring of anger and frustration at organized religion and how it negatively impacted the way I view myself and how I viewed the world."

No Echo asks Carson about some of FoulMouth's sonic inspiration points: 

"The band's influences were mainly bands like Knocked Loose, Jesus Piece, Nails, and Norma Jean originally, but when Grant and Tucker joined, they brought a lot more deathcore and punk elements that I feel like have really made the band develop and become more interesting."

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