Souls: South Dakota Metallic Hardcore Band Debut “Whitebliss” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Jacki Vitetta

Though I've never been there, the Black Hills of South Dakota sure does sound like a place that would birth Souls. Citing such heavyweights as Integrity and Converge as prime influences, the metallic hardcore 5-piece have been working hard for the past few years, both in the studio and gigging wherever and whenever they can.

With a full-length and several other releases already in their discography, Souls are embarking on a new journey with "Whitebliss," a track that has a pummelling drive in its guitar riffing and the rhythmic precision of the drums and bass work only echo that. Take a listen to "Whitebliss" below:

In a statement to No Echo about their new song, Souls said: "We weren’t really looking to reinvent anything on 'Whitebliss,' more so wanting to push boundaries of what we could do as a band and try new elements of music that we had not done before. I think we accomplished that."

Stay tuned to Souls' social media pages listed below and check the band out on one of their upcoming gigs:

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Upcoming Souls shows:
April 5th - St. Cloud, MN - Red Carpet Nightclub
April 6th - Minneapolis, MN - Terminal Bar
April 7th - Duluth, MN - The Red Herring 
May 4th - Sioux Falls, SD - Icon Lounge
July 19th & 20th - San Antonio, TX - Hard Times 9


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