Bayonet Dismemberment: Vancouver Death Metallers Team w/ Sanguisugabogg Singer on Debut Track

Christian Frizzelle is keeping busy these past few years. The guitarist plays in both metalcore beasts A Mourning Star and black metallers Crucible of Sorrow, and his latest project, Bayonet Dismemberment, is firmly rooted in the death metal realm.

"Aslan Shomakhov and I play Crucible of Sorrow together," Christian told me in an email about the new endeavor. "We played in a death metal prior to that called Groza, which disbanded before COVID. We wanted to bring back death metal to the Vancouver area in a unique way. We came together in late spring of 2023 and started to write songs.

"The theme of Bayonet Dismemberment revolves around the conflicts in the Middle East, especially during the George Bush-era. Shorty after guitar player Andre Urquidi [he recorded and mixed A Mourning Star's A Reminder of the Wound Unhealed] and bassist Aleksander Trzebunia (Crucible of Sorrow) and vocalist Landon Furoy joined the band."

In addition to A Mourning Star and Crucible of Sorror, Bayonet Dismemberment also includes musicians from Fall City Fall and Cleaver.

Soundwise, Christian is clear about Bayonet Dismemberment's inspiration points: "Early Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and modern influences such as 200 Stab Wounds and Sanguisugabogg."

Speaking of Sanguisugabogg, their vocalist, Devin Swank, features on "Engulfed in Oil Fire," Bayonet Dismemberment's new single and music video:

The track will appear on Carnage of War, Bayonet Dismemberment's forthcoming debut EP. The EP was engineered and mixed by Andre Urquidi and mastered at The Swamp Sound. "The lyrics focus on the brutality of war, torture, and death," Christian wrote me. Kane Gelaznik from Vomit Forth will also appear on Carnage of War.

Carnage of War will arrive on all streaming outlets on January 31st.

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