Crash Course: Singapore-Based Hardcore Group Is off to Great Start

"Bands like Minus, Expire, and Suburban Scum were the main inspirations we drew from when we were writing our music," says Asa, vocalist of Crash Course.

The Singapore-based hardcore combo's debut 2-track promo came out last month and has already secured them a partnership with Best Wishes Records. With releases by Future Primitive, No Brainer, and Volatile Ways, the No Echo-approved Australian label will be dropping a Crash Course EP later this year.

"The idea behind this project took shape during the beginning of last year because I wanted to start a band playing music which was heavily influenced by the hardcore bands which I had listened to growing up," says Asa. "Since most of the members of Crash Course were already playing in other local acts, it was easy to find other like-minded people."

"As for lyrical inspiration, since we've grown up in a strict country like Singapore, where most of the citizens are very narrow minded, the songs are about going against the grain, being different and being true to yourself and what you believe in, no matter how everyone else in society might perceive you to be."

Asa gives No Echo his thoughts on Crash Course's hardcore brethren: "The scenes in Singapore and Southeast Asia, in general, are very small and tight-knit communities, so most of the bands here have a very strong kinship with one another.

"Asian bands like Whispers, Hollow Threat, Grimtooth, Frack, Destiny, Doldrey, Fuel and a lot more all deserve a massive shout out! The promo artwork and logo were designed by Michael Choothai, vocalist of Thailand’s Monument X."

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