World Demise: NJ Metallic Hardcore Quintet Returns w/ “Time and Again” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Sean Patrick Sullivan

Metallic hardcore 5 piece World Demise formed in 2017, bound together by a love for bands like Cold as Life, Merauder, and Biohazard. Based out of New Jersey, the group features longtime members of the hardcore scene there. 2018 found World Demise releasing their debut EP, which No Echo helped premiere along the way.

This time out, we're excited to report that World Demise will be releasing 2020 Demo, which features three cuts recorded between December 2019 and January 2020. The sessions were engineered, mixed, and mastered by the band's bassist, Wes Santo. The release will include a cover of "Take A Hike," a song originally written and recorded by New Jersey's own Nothing Left to Mourn.

No Echo got its filthy hands on "Time and Again," an absolutely pit-inducer from the forthcoming release:

"In true hardcore fashion, 'Time and Again' was recorded in our 42-year-old bass player's parents basement," World Demise vocalist Greg Falchetto tells No Echo.

"It’s about those things that go wrong and continue going wrong. Mistakes that find a way of following you to the grave."

2020 Demo will be out digitally on March 6 via Flatspot Records.

Upcoming World Demise live dates:
3/13/2020 - The Motorhouse - Baltimore, MD w/ Raw Life and Shackled
3/14/2020 - Ardmore Barbershop - Winston-Salem, NC w/ Raw Life and Shackled
3/15/2020 - Ovations - Oaklyn, NJ w/ Raw Life and Shackled


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