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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Juicebox

Photo: Ben White

Band: Juicebox
From: Houston, Texas

Their formation story:
"Sal (bass) hits up Jess (vox) wanting to start a hardcore project. they were thinking of who they could add to the band when jess remembered that Reice (drums) was looking to perform in a band again. Sal saw a tweet that Gio (guitar) had posted saying, "wanna make hoe-scaring music." So, Sal shot her a DM asking if she was down to join.

"As for Tima (guitar), Sal was at some party at the docks, where Walter's used to be at, and saw Tima there. Sal has seen Tima at many hardcore shows so they asked if Tima wanted to join. Everyone but Reice didn't really have experience playing hardcore, but we made it work."

Their sound in their own words:
"Juicebox is music that you can dance to, hardcore with a capital H. Our influences: GEL, Slant, Gouge Away, Scowl, Violation, Bad Seed, Losin' It, rock 'n' roll shit."

Latest release info:
"Our lil' demos we wrote for our first gig in front of the 'We Heart Houston' sign downtown. We mainly wanted to make fun songs for people to dance and express themselves to. Jess writes alot about women's rights; we're all wanting more women, femmes, and queers to get up and start bands and shit, have fun at shows, and have a safe space to talk their shit."

Future plans:
"Releasing the EP and touring the East Coast."

Photo: Ben White

What other bands from their region should we check out? 
"Shock Treatment"

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