High Card, Generation Y (Reconsider Records, 2016)

High Card calls Long Island, NY home—a region of the country that has a rich history in hardcore, giving us such bands as Krakdown, Neglect, and Kill Your Idols, to name a few. With a clangy bass tone, snotty vocals, and guitar riffs informed as equally by NYHC as they are by '80s punk, High Card keeps things nice and simple on their new 12", Generation Y.

It's the kind of hardcore record that could have come out at any point in the last 30 years. Nope, there's no trace of metalcore to be found in the 10 tracks that make up the collection. Tracks like "Run and Hide" and "Stand Soft" have a rawness to their execution that'll have you thinking of bands like Negative Approach and Paint it Black.

Mastered by the legend himself, Don Fury, Generation Y also benefits from an in-your-face sound that sits perfectly with High Card's aggro sonic approach. The record is out now, and the band is playing locally, so let's hope they can keep the momentum going and bust out some new material next year.

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